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AM I THE ONLY ONE …..with children who exerience the unexplainable?

Our Valentine Daughter continues to experience amazing occurrences that are completely unexplainable
By Donna Hale Chandler

Once upon a time a baby girl was born on Valentine’s Day.  She was indeed a sweetheart with blond curly hair and big blue eyes.  As is the way with children she quickly grew, each day bringing small miracles and more questions for her young mind to try to answer.  It seemed as if strange happenings followed her wherever she went.

One of those strange happenings occurred on her birthday.  The night before her special day she was restless, tossed and turned and just couldn’t seem to find sleep.  Finally, she left her bed and decided to sit on the back patio for a few minutes.  Maybe the cool fresh air would sooth her so she could find the rest she needed.  As she walked through the kitchen to the back door and the patio beyond, she glanced at the clock.  Noticing that it was just a few minutes after midnight she silently wished herself a happy birthday. 

Once seated in a comfortable chair under the dark sky, the young girl began to make birthday wishes.  She didn’t wish for material things, she wished for happiness.  She just couldn’t seem to escape the gloom that had descended upon her a few days earlier.  She sat in the night air and thought of her father and how much she missed him.  Illness had taken his life a few months before and she wanted so much to hear him say, “Happy Birthday Valentine” as he had in years past. 

With a heavy sigh she finally stood and started toward the back door, ready to once again go to her bed and try to sleep.  However, before she reached the door, something caught her eye.  In the moonlight she could see something hovering just above the ground.  As she squinted her eyes trying to see into the darkness that blanketed the backyard, the object moved, as if the wind was pushing it toward her.  Curiosity overcame her fear and she tip-toed through the damp lawn for a better look. 

As she drew closer, she could see that it was a beautiful red balloon.  She could not imagine where in the world it had come from in the middle of the night and when she picked it up there was writing on one side.  It said, “Happy Birthday Valentine”.  She held it tightly as she returned to the house, placed it on the pillow next to her and slept the sleep of a happy birthday valentine daughter.


3 thoughts on “AM I THE ONLY ONE …..with children who exerience the unexplainable?”

  1. That was truly a fascinating story, one that may have come from a movie. Most unexplained events come from directors like Alfred Hitchcock, but this had a happy ending.

    It kind of reminds me of my son, also named Eddie. Only he was always one step ahead of tragedy.

    When he was two he fell out of a second story window. He was always very active and curious. He pushed the screen out of the window and his stuffed animal went out with the screen. He tried to grab it but fell out. We lived over a corner grocery store which had an awning. His head hit the metal pipe that wound the awning causing a deep gash, he flipped over and landed in some bushes. He jumped up and ran up the sidewalk, the only injury was the gash that didn’t need stitches and scratches from the bushes.

    When he was four he was bitten by a dog on the upper thigh near the crotch area. Again the only injury was a small bite wound.

    A year later he stepped on the broken off portion of a metal fence post. Another trip to the ER and only a small gash with no stitches.

    About two years later he was hit by a car. The front wheel pinned his leg to the ground. The driver jumped out to see if he was alright. As he was pinned to the ground he yelled to the driver “back up you dummy”. The driver did and got right up. Another trip to the ER and not even a bruise.
    The hospital personnel did ask that we move to another town.

    He eventually grew up and moved to Seattle where he had his first daughter. A few years later he was back in Connecticut. I’m told he was run out of town but I never got the whole story and shuttered to ask.

    He now lives in Connecticut with his second daughter. She is a handful so I guess that is poetic justice.


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