Am I the only one… feeling a little patriotic melancholy today?

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© Copyright 2013 Richard Lee King

The year is Nineteen Sixty Three, they’re fighting in Vietnam.
He’s standing close to the fire, awaiting the call from Uncle Sam.
They’re pulling peoples numbers, who’ll be the next to go?
Each drawing we all stand by, will it be someone we know?

He’s in his first year of college, seeking a better life,
working on building a home, a place for his soon-to-be wife.
By Sixty Five they’re married, still worried about his fate,
and though still attending classes, he’s now working for the State.

She says we’re having a baby; soon his first son will arrive.
If they call him off to war, how will they ever survive?
Soon they’ll draw more numbers; it’s called the draft lottery.
If they should pull his number, Vietnam is where he’ll likely be.

Some head for the Canadian border. Others,,, possibly to Mexico,
ut if his number is called, to Uncle Sam is where he’ll go.
It’s not about being brave, though that might be debated,
it’s more about facing obligations, which can never be over stated.

This is our country and we find it extremely nice,
but it wouldn’t be that way, had not our forefathers paid the price.
Both his dad and oldest brother spent time with Uncle Sam,
and the lessons they both taught, helped him to become a man.

He’ll not volunteer, likely his body won’t pass the tests,
but if his Uncle calls, he’ll offer his very best.
Just as his Dad in Forty Four, and his brother in Fifty Three,
when Uncle Sam calls, he’ll answer to the need. 

In 44, when his Dad was drafted, it was to be “the last world war.”
He had 5 kids, and a wife at the ripe ol age of 34.
When his brother turned 18, they were fighting in Korea.
He signed up and told his parents, “When it’s over I’ll be back to see ya.”

Nearly 40 years later, with another war to be won,
his son joined the army, and learned to carry a gun.
He wanted to go to college, but it’s 91, we’re fighting in Iraq.
He enlists in the 4 year program, thinking school could wait til he got back.

With each new generation’s war, Uncle Sam might make that call,
and another family member, may be asked to give their all.
Standing close to the fire, facing the stress and strife,
for each new generation, seems it’s been our way of life.


Gramps use’ta say
© R.L.King 2012 #281

Gramps 1 (11)
About: Raising Kids

 “Inspiration comes in many forms,
but it’s hard to top
a well-timed paddlin.”


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