Am I the only one….. who believes that our veterans deserve better medical care?

Just a week or so back while watching an episode of SEAL TEAM on TV, I was once again reminded of the piss poor medical care America provides for our veterans and I remembered this poem that I wrote a number of years back. With Memorial Day just around the corner, it seemed appropriate to present it again at this time.

©By: Richard L. King
From the book Wanderin & Wonderin

They’re back on the home front, their pain far from done,
for many wounded warriors the battle has just begun.

Being a soldier was their calling, they never sought acclaim,
they fought beside their buddies, some of whom were slain.

They now own purple hearts and distinguished service awards,
for the courageous manner in which they wielded their “swords.”

We call them the lucky ones; death took many of their pards,
as they played the hand dealt them, guess that wasn’t in their cards.

They’ve endured incredible pain, with the worst still yet to come,
living with all the memories returns with each rising sun.

Yet evening may be worse, when they attempt to fall asleep,
nightmares will surround them, as the mind scars begin to creep.

Eventually they will sleep, until once more the horror begins,
they will face the hated enemy time and time again.

Missing arms, missing legs and for some, their eyesight gone,
although their war is over their battle goes on and on…

They longed for mercy throughout the dreadful pain,
praying for strength in all of those with whom they’d lain.

We can help to heal them, at least, the obvious wounds,
it’s those dreaded mind scars from whence their demons loom.

 Everywhere they go, feeling that same old stare,
just once more to be ‘normal’ that’s all about which they care.

Life goes on around them, smiles on most every face,
they’d like to get up and join in and leave that awful place.

 They’re back on the home front, their pain far from done,
for many wounded warriors the real battle has just begun.


Gramps use’ta say
R.L.King2012 #129

About: Military Service

A man’s words never speak louder than his actions.


 From The Hints Book Almanac II
Some useful tips in your kitchen area…

 CLEANING/KITCHEN – Ants on your counter – Generously wipe down your counter tops with white vinegar. Appliances & countertops – Rubbing alcohol removes permanent marker from most any surface. Lighter fluid works very well also. You might also try pouring club soda directly on the countertop, wipe with a soft cloth to clean, rinse with warm water and wipe dry with a clean, dry cloth. This is safe for all types of counter tops. When a skillet or pot has burnt food in it add a few drops of dish soap, enough water to cover the burnt level, bring to a boil then simmer a minute or two and it will clean up much easier. For cast iron pans you can prevent them from rusting by wiping them dry with paper towels before storing. If you miss a spot, use the cut end of a halved potato dunked in baking soda to rub away the rust. Clean your coffee maker by filling the reservoir with water and adding 2 table-spoons of water softener. Run the machine through its cycle. This will freshen it up. White distilled vinegar will do the same. Clean your glass coffee pot – Add 1 cup of crushed ice, 1 tablespoon of water and 4 teaspoons of salt to your coffee pot. Swish around, rinse and wash – stains all gone. Coffee and/or tea stains in cups and/or mugs can be removed by rubbing with salt and a little water. De-odorize your cutting board by first washing the surface, and then mix 1 tablespoon of bleach and 1 cup of water. Let this solution sit for a few minutes on your board before rinsing well. Glass topped tables will sparkle and be lint free if after cleaning them you put a little fabric softener in some warm water, dampen a clean cloth and wipe the glass with the solution. The glass will not only be sparkling, but will be lint-free. For your glassware with fine scratches – Use plain white toothpaste as a polishing cream. To keep them cleaner than clean, use your regular dishwashing soap and add a few tablespoons of white vinegar to the sink. To clean greasy kitchen surfaces (stove top, etc.) mix 1 tablespoon Dawn® dishwashing detergent with ½ cup ammonia and enough water to fill a spray bottle. Be sure to label your bottle and, as with other cleaning supplies, keep it away from children.




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